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Treatment for Eating Disorders - Hope Nutrition Therapy

Nutrition Services for the Treatment of Eating Disorders

Individual Nutrition Assessment & Therapy

At Hope Nutrition Therapy, we give you one-on-one sessions focused on understanding and healing your relationship with food, body image, exercise, and/or weight.

Diane is licensed in multiple states. Both Diane and Mimosa are available via Skype and other virtual platforms for clients living nationally and internationally.

Continuing Care

For those discharging from an eating disorder treatment facility.

Experiential Sessions

Meal & Snack Outings - Facing challenging foods and settings, in your own timing and with specialized support.
Grocery Shopping - Navigating the marketing of food and multitude of diet claims.
Cooking & Baking - Learning how to return to the joy and intimacy of planning for, preparing, and enjoying food in your own home.

Group Nutrition Therapy, Didactics, Seminars, & Experientials

Contact Hope Nutrition Therapy about upcoming groups.

Additional services include:

Supervision by Diane for RDs training to treat, or already treating, those with eating disorders or disordered eating.

Consultation with practitioners and clinics desiring education and awareness on the prevention, identification, and treatment of eating disorders within their practice.

Speaking on a variety of topics, including but not limited to, intuitive & competent eating, Health at Every Size®, and the risks of dieting behaviors. Diane is also able to provide specialized education on the intersection of eating disorders with trauma and abuse, from a nutrition therapy perspective.

Teaching at university classes on medical nutrition therapy for eating disorders.

Call #425-422-6782 or send a message for a free consultation.

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